Evolusys was incorporated in 2002 as 100% subsidiary of MMSV holding, focussing onsoftware and tester development for MMS’ automation solutions. Today, Evolusys Technologies provides test solutions for optoelectronics and Solid State Lighting as laboratory equipment or integrated in prodution lines. 

We are offering custom and standard tester solutions including hardware and software, training and service. We also develop hardware for the integration of testers into automation for highest speed and reliability.

Our tester software allows the exact specification of the required test programme, flexible data logging and customisation of the UI. With a strong commitment to innovation, years of experience and in co-operation with advanced technology partners, Evolusys can offer you the most suitable solutions.

What We Offer

Test Capability

•  Custom Software Development
•  Custom Test Development
•  Firmware Development
•  Hardware Design
    - Micro-controller (8-, 16-, and 32-bit)
    - FPGA / CPLD
    - PCD layout

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